Why I Created Wearable Micro-Crystal Art + Announcement

"Graceful Blue" Wearable Micro-Crystal Art Scarf by Carol Roullard

Once I started showing my art, I would frequently hear, “That would look great as a scarf” or dress, or skirt. These types of comments never ended. Soon after I was contacted by several people in the industry. They were interested in printing my art on household or clothing items. I investigated several but they weren’t a good fit for me. (Like the pun?)

And the suggestions continued from my followers. I agreed and found this new avenue for my art intriguing. So I started to investigate what it would take to put my art on a clothing line. Simple answer is – it’s not easy! That might slow me down but it isn’t one to stop me.

I started the process by searching for who could handle my crystals’ complex detailed structures and their unique colors. Since crystals gain their color through light, their structures exhibit more hues than a box of 64 crayons, as I like to say. Just like when trying to find a printer for my art, I needed a textile printer who could handle a wide range of color.

After many trials with different printers, I found one which produced high-quality clothing items at a reasonable price and could handle my crystal images without washing out the colors or softening their detail. Print All Over Me prints and sews each item specifically for each order with care and precision. They print the material, wash it to rinse off any dye residual (no turning your whites into a color in your washing machine) and then cut the pattern and sew it for your specified order.

As I’m sure you know, fulfilling one’s dreams and goals are not easy. As much as I would like to be able to hold inventory and place my micro-crystal clothing items in stores, right now I’m just one person with one person’s amount of time and energy. So I started small with kimonos and scarves and very soon I will have leggings and yoga pants. I learned about the next year’s predicted fashion colors and selected crystal images which matched and complimented 2016 colors. I started to closely follow trends and not be afraid to step out a bit with what I was doing. I have many ideas which I want to explore. They keep flooding my thoughts and daily plans. Thank goodness for the Internet, fashion bloggers, and fashionistas out there to help me out.

Six years ago I planned on retiring and wondered what I would do to fill up my time. I thought I would travel, clean out that messy drawer and read the books on the New York Times Best Sellers list.. Maybe even catch up on watching all the Academy Awards nominated movies in the Best Movie category. Wow, was I mistaken. I have done some traveling but that drawer still needs to be cleaned out. I’m working on writing books instead of always having one of the books on my shelves always open to read. And those years past Academy Award nominated movies, I work to make the time to see the current year’s winners. I’m busy and I love it.

Now I have some exciting news to share with you all!

Introducing 3 new scarves and 1 new kimono:

I am so pleased to present to you the following new pieces of my Wearable Micro-Crystal Art fashion collection. These items were so fun to create. It is remarkable just how vibrant and detailed these pieces look in-hand.

View All Micro-Crystal Scarves ~~ View All Micro-Crystal Kimonos



Who doesn’t want that special item that truly enhances their look? Wearable Micro-Crystal Art scarves and kimonos are printed with amazing crystal images as they were found through the microscope. Plaids and stripes are old-school. Crystal art is new and exciting!


Carol Roullard
Artist, Carol Roullard Art
Micro-Crystal Abstract Fine Art and Clothing

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