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Shooting Stars, Fire Phoenix, Opposing Fields Small Aluminum Prints by Carol Roullard

As you may know, I sell my art as paper prints and as aluminum prints. Aluminum is a very special medium for my artwork as it allows for a unique depth and glow, closely resembling how I first saw the crystal image through the microscope. I even wrote a blog post all about why Aluminum as a medium is so perfect for my fine art.

Most of my aluminum fine art prints are very large and take up a lot of wall space – creating some wonderful drama and sparkle in any room. However, I acknowledge that art collectors look for beautiful pieces big and small.

Mountain series Small Aluminum Prints by Carol Roullard - crystal artwork

Mountain Series 4-piece set of Aluminum Prints, each measuring 8x8inches

For my fine art debut in Italy a few years ago I experimented with small aluminum prints. They provide the same luster and depth as my larger prints. Plus I knew that they would be easier to ship and could be arranged as a collection or triptych. These pieces were very well-received by the gallery curator and attendees.

Announcing My Small Aluminum Prints for Sale!

I have finally decided that it is time to offer some of these small aluminum prints for sale! I have a very small limited number available. Each piece hangs in only one direction (see orientation in pictures above). Costs below do not include shipping and handling. Contact me directly if you are interested!
The following pieces are available:

  • Shooting Stars, 11×14 inches, on sale for $100
  • Opposing Fields, 11×14 inches, on sale for $100
  • Fire Phoenix, 10×20 inches, on sale for $125
  • Mountain Series 4-piece set, 8×8 inches each, on sale for $155
  • Individual Mountain pieces, 8×8 inches each, on sale for $45

View the videos below to see the iridescence and depth of my fine art small aluminum prints:


Carol Roullard
Artist, Carol Roullard Art
Designer, Crystal Art Outfitters


Shooting Stars, Fire Phoenix, Opposing Fields Small Aluminum Prints by Carol Roullard - social image

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