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Micro-crystal photography artist Carol Roullard will moderate the Channel City Camera Club “Photography as Art” Panel during the April 2015 meeting in Santa Barbara, California.

MOORPARK, CA – April 2, 2015 – Artist Carol Roullard, Moorpark resident, will serve as moderator for the “Photography as Art” panel during the April Channel City Camera Club meeting. Ms. Roullard will moderate a panel of photographer artists who will explain their process and how they create their artwork. The meeting is open to the public and will take place Tuesday, April 21st at 7:30pm at Farrand Hall in the Museum of Natural History.

“I am new to the Camera Club and new to this kind of photography so I don’t really know a lot about the topic, which is why I am excited to bring Carol to the Club,” says Dorothy Littlejohn, Program Committee Chair for the Channel City Camera Club. “She seems to know what I want to know.”

The panelists include Channel City Camera Club members Patti Gutshall, Gerald Aspen and Ken Pfeiffer.

“I anticipate a very informative, exciting discussion with the esteemed panel members,” says Artist Carol Roullard. “The panel is comprised of talented, passionate photographers who have built a name for themselves as artists.”

Patti Gutshall has received many awards for her photography and has been very active in the club. Ms. Gutshall studied Black & White Photography under Everett Weinreb. Her work has been featured in The California State Museum, multiple times on Times Square on the Kodak Board, and has received many awards.

Gerald Aspen is an award-winning artist who explores the places between realism and abstraction. He uses a range of approaches and techniques, bringing images from photography, drawing and printmaking together and merging them with a sense of feeling.

Ken Pfeiffer is Angel Director and former Club President. He has been taking photographs since his youth. Besides being very active in the Camera Club, Ken does architectural photography.


Location: Museum of Natural History, Farrand Hall at 2559 Puesta del Sol, Santa Barbara, CA, 93105


About Carol Roullard

Carol Roullard is an artist and author. Currently, she has focused her artistic skills towards creating micro-crystal fine art photography. Using a high-powered microscope and polarized light Ms. Roullard finds unique images that will never occur again in nature. In addition, she has co-authored seven photography-related books with her husband, Dr. Brian Matsumoto, and they are currently working on their eighth book together.

Carol Roullard Artist profile

Artist, Carol Roullard


"Rose Mountains at Sunset" by Carol Roullard

“Rose Mountains at Sunset” by Carol Roullard

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