Carol Roullard Art in June Show, HUD Gallery

Hawk Walk by Carol Roullard Art - Hydroquinone Crystals


Micro-crystal fine art photography artist Carol Roullard will show her artwork in the HUD Gallery’s June Members Show in Ventura, California.

MOORPARK, CA – May 6, 2015 – Artist Carol Roullard, a Moorpark resident, will be participating in the HUD Gallery’s June Group Exhibition Show. Several of Carol Roullard’s micro-crystal fine art will be on display. The show begins Friday, June 5th and concludes Saturday, June 27th.

The HUD Gallery’s opening reception coordinates with the First Friday Ventura monthly event on Friday, June 5th from 6:00pm to 10:00pm. Ms. Roullard will feature between eight and ten pieces of artwork, including Mystic, Psychedelic and Hawk Walk. The June Group Exhibition will be Ms. Roullard’s third time showing her work at the gallery.

“I’m very excited to be showing my art at The HUD Gallery again,” says Artist Carol Roullard. “The owners are very passionate about the art they host in the gallery. They have very discerning taste so I feel privileged to be involved in another show.”

Artist Carol Roullard combines crystal making, micrography and photography to create distinctive and remarkable fine art. Her work challenges viewers to interpret new worlds, fantastic landscapes, sublime seascapes or other unexpected sights. “The entire process of creating my micro-crystal art excites me; from growing the crystals to witnessing the awe people express when viewing the finished piece,” says Ms. Roullard. “Everyone sees something different. Most people are captivated by the unusual but inexplicably familiar structures and shapes in the crystal formations.”


Location: 1793 East Main Street, Ventura, California 93001


About Carol Roullard

Carol Roullard is an artist and author. Currently, she has focused her artistic skills towards creating micro-crystal fine art photography. Using a high-powered microscope and polarized light Ms. Roullard finds unique images that will never occur again in nature. In addition, she has co-authored seven photography-related books with her husband, Dr. Brian Matsumoto, and they are currently working on their eighth book together.



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Mystic by Carol Roullard Art - Anesthetic and Vanilla Crystals

“Mystic” by Carol Roullard Art – Anesthetic and Vanilla Crystals


Psychedelic by Carol Roullard Art - Hydroquinone Crystals

“Psychedelic” by Carol Roullard Art – Hydroquinone Crystals


Hawk Walk by Carol Roullard Art - Hydroquinone Crystals

“Hawk Walk” by Carol Roullard Art – Hydroquinone Crystals


Carol Roullard Art

Artist Carol Roullard


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