Hooke College Displays Shoreline and Mystic

"Shoreline" by Carol Roullard on display at Hooke College

I am always thrilled when my art has a new home. Recently two of my large limited edition aluminum pieces, “Shoreline” and “Mystic,” found a permanent home at Hooke College for Applied Sciences located in Westmont, Illinois. They graciously sent me several pictures of my art hanging in their building.

"Mystic" on display at Hooke College

“Mystic” at Hooke College

Hooke College is a prestigious institution that specializes in teaching microscopy at the undergraduate and graduate level. They are well acquainted with photomicrography. Its very humbling to know they are displaying my art for their employees, customers and students to enjoy.

The college is part of the premier The McCrone Group, Inc., which is internationally recognized as a leader in the fields of microscopy, microanalysis, materials characterization and the solving of tough materials problems.

My husband and I were able to travel to Westmont (just outside of Chicago) this past October and visit with Hooke College and the The McCrone Group and got an opportunity to see my art on display.

It was exciting to meet McCrone Group’s president and owner, Dr. Don Brooks. We were treated to a private tour of Don’s antique microscope and accessories collection. I will admit modern microscopes can be impressive for their capabilities but an antique brass microscope are beautiful masterpieces of fine craftsmanship. As a member of the Microscopic Society of Southern California I have seen many brass microscopes and although they are all beautiful, Don’s collection is particularly exquisite.

"Shoreline" by Carol Roullard on display at Hooke College

“Shoreline” on display at Hooke College

A big “thank you” to the college staff and The McCrone Group. I had a wonderful time visiting, learning and viewing my artwork on display. I know my art will be appreciated for both its artistic and scientific aspects.


Carol Roullard
Artist, Carol Roullard Art
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