Experimentation in Crystal Photo Collages

Ice Phoenix Micro-Crystal Collage - Carol Roullard Art

Most artists are driven to try new mediums or at least put another spin on the medium they have chosen. Photography is the art of capturing an image of an existing object to tell a story. Over time photography as an art form has evolved and broadened to include combining images to tell a new story.

My micro-crystal art has been about capturing images of crystals which many times look like something else. I keep seeing possibilities to create new artwork out of my photography. I’ve done some experimentation with my art to create textiles. Very recently I’ve experimented and created my first published digital photographic collage from my crystal art. I’m very excited to create more of these crystal photo collages.

It was a new experience for me. I opened a new file to become my “canvas.” I searched through my existing images to find one to start with. I’ve always loved the variety of shapes and sweeping flow in Ice Phoenix. In particular, I love the iridescent white sweep of crystals flowing along one border and the rich flames along the other.

I started to select (or cut out) portions of the image using Photoshop and paste them into the newly opened file.

I soon found I needed to add an additional step and paste the copied portions into their own individual files to clean up some of the edges and rotate the pieces more to my liking. Once done, I copied the piece for a second time, and pasted it into the final “canvas,” then moved it into position.

The first of my crystal photo collages. Lots of trial and error and looking for just the right piece to be put in the right place!

I had a wonderful time being creative in a new way. Now I want to create more crystal photo collages. What do you think?
Ice Phoenix Collage - copyright Carol Roullard Art - the first of my crystal photo collages


Carol Roullard
Artist, Carol Roullard Art
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