Sept. Recap: Featured in CREATIV Magazine

September has certainly been an exciting month. I had my artwork in a Los Angeles art show, was awarded with “Special Recognition” for Parrot Feathers in an online exhibition, worked on my upcoming kimono and scarf collection (stay tuned!) and a 2-full page spread in CREATIV Magazine’s September 2015 issue.

LAMAG Los Angeles Art Show Invitation

I’m very excited to announce that my art is in a Los Angeles juried gallery show for the first time and you are invited. The Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery will show my artwork in their Juried Exhibition from July 26 – September 20th. Two of my micro-crystal fine art photography pieces were juried into the LAMAG 2015 show – “River of Fire” and “Crystal Rock Garden.”

My Experience at the HUD Gallery

The HUD Gallery in Ventura is an exceptional gallery. The space is very cool and the owners are extremely inviting, with (not to brag) very discerning taste in what they display on their walls. I was first introduced to the gallery through their 2014 International Open Subject Juried Art Show. I noticed their call for entries …

What Makes a Photograph Art?

What makes a photograph art in your mind? Does the photo have to look pretty? Does it have to look balanced? Does image have to tell a story or remind you of something? When do you call it art and when do you not? And does the person next to you feel the same way? Pretty subjective, right?

"Plume" by Carol Roullard

Linus Galleries “The Blue Show” Online

I submitted my piece “Plume” (above) to Linus Galleries’ recent online juried exhibition entitled “The Blue Show” and I’m thrilled that my artwork was accepted! So many people submit their work to each of their online shows that getting a piece selected feels wonderful. This is the second Linus Galleries show that has accepted my artwork. Four of …

Newsletter Subscriber Giveaway

I am so thankful for all of my wonderful newsletter subscribers that I decided to show my appreciation by doing a Newsletter Subscriber Giveaway. Sign up to receive the Carol Roullard Art newsletter and you will be automatically entered – easy!

Ventura County Writers Club Non-Fiction Speech

Last week I gave a presentation at the Ventura County Writers Club meeting about writing and publishing non-fiction. I was asked to speak about four months before and quickly agreed. I figured that I would have something to say because my husband and I are currently working on our seventh non-fiction book.