You are Invited to my Current and Upcoming Art Shows

You’re Invited to my Current and Upcoming Art Shows It’s mid-February and 2019 is already a very busy year with several current and upcoming art shows. I have my art in one show currently and two shows one starting next week and the other March 3rd. Exciting news!  I’m exhibiting new art in all three shows. Thousand Oaks …

2018 in Review. What’s Next?

2018 was “quite a year”. It started with a bang. Not the kind one would like but the outcome was good. Late January, my husband was diagnosed with a serious heart blockage. Fortunately nothing a very long stent couldn’t take care of. Even so I was unprepared for both his physical recovery time and my even longer …

You are Invited to Gallery 113 Art Reception

You are Invited to Gallery 113 Art Reception Please join me for wine and cheese at Gallery 113 in Santa Barbara on Nov. 2nd from 4pm to 8pm. I am very pleased to be part of this wonderful group show in a vibrant gallery. Please stop by and check out the fabulous art. Would love to have a chance to …

Art hung at art show

How to Curate an Art Show

For the past several years I’ve been fortunate to help Debra Sokolov curate the Thousand Oaks Art Association’s annual juried art show. Debra is a very experienced curator. I knew from the start that I would learn how to arrange an art show into an organized cohesive and pleasing exhibit from one of the best.

Falling Sideways The Finished Piece

Creating One Art Piece from Multiple Images

One of the challenges with taking pictures through the microscope is the instrument’s limited field of view. At low magnification, I can see the vastness of the crystals but not their fine detail. When I switch to a higher magnification, the crystals’ detail shows but at the expense of seeing less crystals. Frequently, I like both the large crystal picture and their fine detail. How to have my cake and eat it too? One way is to take a series of photographs moving the microscope slide ever so slightly with each shot and then try to “stitch” them together later on my computer, creating a single art piece from multiple images of the same crystal.

Donation to Sylmar’s Wildlife Learning Center

Several years ago Mike and I visited the Wildlife Learning Center in Sylmar, California. The center was co-founded by Paul Hahn and David Riherd. It is a zoological park nestled in an old olive grove. Wildlife Learning Center provides life-long care in a shady natural environment to more than 100 displaced, rescued and zoo-born wild animals. It is a wonderfully maintained facility and the animals are well cared for and appear very contented.

Where ART Lives Magazine Feature

A couple of months ago I was approached by Where ART Lives magazine. The September/October issue was to be all about abstract fine art photography and they wanted to know if they could feature my art in their magazine.

Wow! What a compliment. I really like their magazine. They do such a professional presentation of their articles. I was very flattered they would ask. Of course I agreed!

Creating SciArt for the Public Art Arena

I have been fortunate to merge my love for science, experimentation and discovery with my love for creating art by growing infinitesimally minute crystals and recording artistic scenes by photographing them through the microscope. I recently decided to foray into the public art arena.