Announcing my Wearable Art

Burst Kimono by Carol Roullard
Burst Kimono by Carol Roullard

“Burst” Kimono

Its official, you can now wear my art! Take a look at my new Wearable Art page to view my initial release. We are starting small with kimonos and scarves but I promise there are more in the works.

We tested printing my art with quite a few manufacturers. Just like with printers for my fine art, I am picky. The manufacturer needs to be able to capture my art’s wide range of colors as close as possible. That’s not an easy feat since my crystals receive their colors from light, creating infinite hues. The printer also had to be able to capture the fine detail of the crystals. I wanted the manufacturer to produce custom made items for the buyer and ship them safely to him or her. One more important criteria I had was that the manufacturer consistently creates a quality product.

Be sure to create an account with PAOM before checking out to receive a $15 gift card towards your first purchase!

After a lot of searching and testing we finally found just that manufacturer: Print All Over Me (PAOM). PAOM custom makes each piece to order. They first carefully spread out the material making sure there are no wrinkles. Then they print the pattern with special inks and wash the material to make sure any non-set ink is washed away at the factory and not in your washer. Once that is done, they cut the printed material and sew together your custom ordered item.

Carol Roullard Art is releasing three kimonos and two scarves to start. We selected bold, richly colored popular crystal images that translated well into wearable art. We have several other designs in the works. If all meets my quality standards, we will release them very soon.

I am also looking at some of the other PAOM products, so stay tuned!


Carol Roullard
Artist, Carol Roullard Art
Micro-Crystal Abstract Fine Art and Clothing

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